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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Momenta Learning No. 89 News on Elearning and Online Learning

Welcome to the No. 89 Issue of Momenta Learning News on Elearning and Online Learning
Momenta Learning

Online Learning : Learning Analytics Special Issue - OLC

Online Learning, the official journal of the Online Learning Consortium promotes the development and dissemination of new knowledge at the intersection of pedagogy, emerging technology, policy, and practice in online environments. The journal has been published for two decades and is known to many by its former name, the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN).

How should online teacher programs be judged? - The Hechinger Report

Do teachers who learn the job online perform as well as teachers trained in the same kind of brick-and-mortar classroom they're likely to teach in? A new set of proposals to regulate online teacher preparation programs from the federal government is an effort to find out which programs are working and which aren't, but it's ...

Can Education Becomes A Profitable Business With A Humanitarian Vision?

Today, the education industry is deemed as one of the fastest and progressively growing sectors worldwide. It is also currently one of the largest industries globally that ensure profit since people need to be educated to make progress in life. Education has been considered as a significant factor of civilization and industrialization.

4 Tech Trends Can Help You Design More Effective E-Learning

There are now more mobile devices than people on the planet. In the early 1990s, less than 1 percent of the world was connected to the Internet. Today, it is estimated that as much as 45 percent of the world's population has Internet access, according to data from Internet Live Stats.

3 New Knowledge Check Interaction Templates now available!

Guest Blog by: Thomas Reyes-Cairo, Community Manager at eLearning Brothers Adobe Captivate 9 is filled to the brim with amazing functionalities, all of which pool together to make intuitive eLearning courses. Some of the great, commonly-used features include Advanced Actions (and the perhaps lesser-known Shared Advanced Actions) and variables.

New Trends in Online Learning ~ Stephen Downes

Online learning, new media, connectivism, MOOCs, personal learning environments, new literacy, and more from Stephen Downes

Online Learning Insights

1. The Chatbot Teaching Assistant Colorado State University (CSU) plans to use 'Intelligent Tutoring' in two online undergraduate courses this Fall. The goal is to improve learning outcomes, increase instructors' productivity and enable high-quality personalized education by using chatbot technology. A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users on a web-based platform.

2016 Higher Education Online Learning Landscape

Recent data from the Online Learning Consortium shows that online learning is finally mainstreaming with 5.8M students enrolled in one or more online courses and 77% of students reporting that technology increases engagement with course materials.

Ready to Launch: Re-Envisioning the Preparation of Students for Online Learning

By Joshua Steele, The EvoLLLution One of the most important questions a university must ask in welcoming new students is how they will orient or onboard incoming cohorts to ensure that the tools, resources and information required for success are adequately provided.

Flipped classrooms turning STEM education upside down

Given the difficult-to-digest subject matter in many STEM classrooms, educators have customarily relied on traditional lecture-based educational methods where they spend class time walking through content and then assign homework problems to supplement that learning.

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