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Friday, June 17, 2016

Momenta Learning No. 84 News on Elearning and Online Learning

Welcome to the No. 84 Issue of Momenta Learning News on Elearning and Online Learning
Momenta Learning

Startups & elearning: Edtech - Snackson

Edtech (Education & Technology) is a concept that is rapidly gaining ground. A term which represents a growing sector, with a turnover forecast for 2022 close to 243,8 billion dollars . Probably, the fastest-growing area after ehealth, iOT or fintech. Only some months ago, we wrote an article in which we showed some Edtech startups that had received funding.

André Thomas | Game-Based Learning | Higher Education | EdNews Daily

announces new funding round of $1.43 million, on the heels of their official market launch and initial game release due June 1st, 2016, raising the total investment to nearly $2 million. Emerging out of the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University, in 2014, André Thomas and Rahul Khanorkar founded game-based learning company Triseum combining legacies in game development, design graphics, market development and management.

Streamline your e-learning content for a bigger impact

Okay I just made that up BUT I DO subscribe to the folksy wisdom behind it. If something is precise and well-executed, it can have a universal appeal. This is particularly true when you're curating content for your training. Here are some ways to streamline your message to better resonate with your audience.

Management salaries soar as academic pay stagnates, data suggest

Average salaries paid to senior university staff are rising three times as fast as the pay awarded to rank-and-file academics, new figures show. With the sector already facing criticism over large pay rises awarded to vice-chancellors, as revealed by Times Higher Education last month, an analysis of official pay data shows that the pay of senior university managers is also growing much faster than that given to academics.

How Faculty Are Using Learning Data to Better Understand Students

Collecting data in education used to mean tirelessly connecting the dots between homework assignments, quiz and test scores, and classroom activities. The advent of online analytics has changed that. Technology-enabled learning tools have the ability to capture much of the baseline learning data necessary to identify students who are struggling, where they are struggling, and whether or not the coursework itself could be better tailored to optimize learning.

Build a Blended Learning Presence - Part 1 - NCCE's Tech Savvy Teacher Blog

Are you new to blended learning? Would you like a summer project to changes up learning next school year? This multi-post guide will help you build an online classroom and explore different techniques in providing a blended learning experience for your students.

What a Decade of EdTech Research Shows

Giant meta analysis of the research regarding ed tech: Beyond the Basics What a decade of Ed Research says about technology in the hands of underserved, under resourced & underprepared students Molly B.

Bringing gamification to work

Recently the Harvard Business Review featured a piece predicting the growing influence of gaming on the workplace. On a technological level, games are driving improvements in hardware and software that typically filter down into office based equipment, whilst game methodologies have powered everything from computer aided design to enterprise collaboration tools.

The Consumerization of Learning: Impact on Learning Featured at Enterprise Learning Conference

MARICOPA, AZ--(Marketwired - June 02, 2016) - Elearning! Media Group, producers of the Enterprise Learning! Conference 2016 (ELC16), has announced a dedicated track of session focusing on the Consumerization of Learning, Impact on Learning. The task of Building the Smarter Enterprise in an ever changing technology environment challenges today's enterprises....

Engage: The Care Certificate - Best Practice Guidelines for eLearning success

Since its introduction in 2015, thousands of health and social care workers have completed the Care...

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