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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Momenta Learning No. 53 News on Elearning and Online Learning

Welcome to the No. 53 Issue of Momenta Learning News on Elearning and Online Learning.

Help students to make the most of online learning - Teach UAE Magazine

While I have never taught completely online courses, I have been teaching hybrid courses and using online course management programmes for many years. This article provides a few tips and guidelines for maximizing a positive online experience for students.

Get Your Free eBook on Character Formation in Online Education!

If you currently teach online, or you're part of a school exploring online learning, you have probably asked yourself the following questions: What does it mean to teach in a higher education setting from a distinctly Christian perspective? What are the best practices for teaching online?

Knowledge Anywhere :: 10 Secrets of Visual Design that Will Enhance eLearning

If you've ever designed an eLearning course, you probably realize how important the visuals are for attracting learners' attention and helping them to engage with the learning material. Visual design not only impacts the course's usability but also brings plenty of learning benefits to its users.

Interactive Video Made Easy | The Rapid E-Learning Blog

A few years back working with video was not all that easy. Most networks couldn't support the delivery of video and producing video was expensive and really time-consuming. However, that's changed quite a bit over the years. Here's one of my favorite examples of how things changed with the advent of rapid elearning.

E-trends in education


Learning online? You're not alone: Returning to university and switching career at 48

After 13 years out of the workforce, being soccer mum, pizza mum, permanent volunteer and full-time carer for her eldest daughter, Susan Bruce felt she'd lost herself. As she watched her former colleagues climb the corporate ranks, the Canadian mother-of-five decided it was time to return to work.

Distance learning universities 'must prove their relevance'

Open and distance learning (ODL) universities must determine their "competitive advantage" rather than "parroting" that their value lies in convenience and flexibility, the director of the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education has claimed.

Online Learning at Research-Intensive Universities - EADTU - European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

Online Learning at Research-Intensive Universities, LERU, advice paper, League of European Research Universities

6 Benefits of Online Learning * On-EspaƱol

The eternal debate of whether online courses are better or worse than on-site classes will probably never end. Each definitely has its own list of benefits and depends on your lifestyle, how you like to learn, the amount of free time you've got, etc.

Educators Can Explore Potential of Online and Blended Learning to Prepare Students for College and Career Readiness in Pearson Webinar Series

Four webinars focus on power of digital learning to transform education for learners at all grade levels

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