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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Momenta Learning No. 47 News on Elearning and Online Learning

Welcome to the No. 47 Issue of Momenta Learning News on Elearning and Online Learning.

MIT releases Online Education Policy Initiative report

A new MIT report on online education policy draws on diverse fields, from socioeconomics to cognitive science, to analyze the current state of higher education and consider how advances in learning science and online technology might shape its future.

Guest opinion: Online learning equals virtual success

Earlier this year, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education released an alarming figure. More than 750,000 Indiana residents, or about 22 percent of the state's working-age adults, have attended some college, but, due to various circumstances, quit before completing their degrees. The value of a degree has never been greater or more attainable, thanks to advances in technology.

Study Big Data Through Online Learning

Online learners across industries can benefit from knowledge of big data in the 21st century, experts say. In the 21st-century workforce, knowledge of big data is useful in virtually any industry, experts say. It was the desire for a degree in the field that drove John Cook, an analyst at ​Marriott International, to online education about two years ago.

The Argonaut - No tests, no learning - Online classes fail to help students learn content

No tests, no learning - Online classes fail to help students learn content Online classes can be a blessing or a curse. Unfortunately, I have found that they are mostly a curse. These classes are less engaging and hold students to low standards, neither of which are conducive to learning.

Explore the Do's, Don't's of Interacting With Online Course Instructors

Don't openly vent about an online instructor on social media or use emoticons in your writing. Do's Everyone remembers the students in grade school who sat in the front, raised their hands to give every answer, endlessly complimented the teacher, grabbed attention at every opportunity and frustrated the entire class.

A Game Changer for Language Arts Classrooms - Press Release - Digital Journal

English Teacher Launches Kickstarter to Create Personalized Web-based Tutorials

Award-winning Courses by the Top Pets of eLearning

We are pleased to announce the winning submissions to our annual pet course creation contest! You can view all the pet submissions in the Trivantis® Community. " Negotiating for a Raise " by Sneakers Ivec Fair pay is important and in this course, negotiation expert Sneakers teaches pets all over the world how to ensure they're getting the treat amount they deserve.

Do Your eLearning Metrics Prove Business Impact? Why Not? [Podcast]

Noel: Clark, in your session yesterday, which was titled, "Measurement Matters: The How and Why of eLearning Metrics," you talked about how you evangelize about measurement a lot. You mentioned that the learning community isn't doing a good enough job with measurement, and I wanted to get your take on where L&D is failing.

Talking Tech: Seamless Integration

Sure, it's important to invest in your e-learning program so it's ready for the future. But how does an IT leader leverage new education technologies without the complete disruption-or replacement-of the current infrastructure? Deb McMahon, CEO of Scitent, explains. What's a good framework for assessing how well a new e-learning tool, app, or approach can ...

Learning Technologies is bulking up, but doesn't come cheap

Since listing in November 2013, Learning Technologies ( LTG) has been busy bulking up its presence in the fragmented and lucrative e-learning sector. Adjusted cash profits more than doubling to £4.3m indicates that this strategy is having the desired effect, as big-name employers ranging from the BBC to British Airways splashed out on digital solutions for adult workplace learning.

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