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Saturday, November 9, 2013

My comments on Film 2: "Inbox"

This is a very funny short film, I love those kinds of short films. I am a fan of short films, as a matter of fact. It is remarkable how this film was made for that length of time with no dialogue whatsoever. The visuals are very explicit and you are never at a loss of what is going on in each sequence.
Having said that, I simply cannot decide which side to take. It is a utopian account because the message seems to be very positive, I mean, this is a happy ending, the guy gets the girl at the end, right? Yes, but the fact that because there is no dialogue at all makes me also consider this a dytopian account. Verbal communication between us humans is one of the most important and beautiful aspects of evolution. The fact that we can say many hurtful and beautiful things with our voice makes us unique in this planet. I believe that technology has changed that a lot with the advent of e-mail, chat rooms, Twitter, Facebook, emoticons, and so on, where you can say many things (or type, rather) in the message but there is no emotion attached to it, no body language either. In my experience, this has led to many misunderstandings when I text or IM because the intended text message sometimes does not contain the full meaning from the sender, has anybody else experience that too?
In order to convey a message to another human being, we also need the body language, which this film uses plenty to convey messages, and that is a good thing, which makes the film utopian to my eye. In most of the film, this message is being conveyed from the film to the viewer, it is only at the end that the characters experience this exchange. That also makes the film a little dystopian. It is implied in the film that two people can fall in love by just exchanging messages (but that does happen every day in dating sites), and that full communication can be achieved by use of text and characters. That has changed human communication in a profound way.

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