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Friday, November 8, 2013

My comment on Film 1: "Bendito Machine III"

This is a very interesting take on the "dystopia" of technology. I believe the film is trying to convince us that if we use technology without thinking about the consequences of its use, we will end up depending on it completely. Especially if we do not take steps into understanding the purpose of these technologies in our lives. The suggestion of the influence of technology in our society and our environment is evident in the film, as we see that sequence when the technology starts harming the characters and then attacking their environment.
But the suggestion that there is a "higher" entity that produces this technology is not sounding to me at all. I believe that those who develop these gadgets and applications are genuinely trying to make our lives better, and they figure that the consequences of the new technology will take care of itself. The sad truth is that no one can predict what the future. Every action we take has consequences, many of them unintended. The same applies to them.
But we do have a choice on embracing these new things or not, just like the characters in the film did. Since they were able to dispose of old technology, they could, at any point, decide on throwing away these gadgets whenever they please but they chose not to. We also have a choice and proof of this is the large number of new things that have been invented during history, which are now in the pantheon of rejected technology, not only old technology is disposed of, new technology that would not appeal to the masses gets thrown out too.
What I also find odd in the film is the impersonal reference to the new gadgets in fashion. It is clear that any technology is useless unless there is a human face behind it. By itself, technology will not harm us, they need a human being to start the process, which is what I find odd because in the film all those references to the tv and the internet seem to imply that the diabolical technology acts by itself, which is not true.

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