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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Momenta Learning No. 41 News on Elearning and Online Learning

Welcome to the No. 41 Issue of Momenta Learning News on Elearning and Online Learning.

Online education takes off

USB Executive Development (USB-ED), the public executive development company of Stellenbosch University, has launched several new online courses for its 2016 academic year to enhance the research skills of postgraduate students. The various online courses range in length from one hour to four months, all offered in a convenient, learner-centric online format.

Benefits of Online Learning

Can relational professions such as teaching, counselling and social work really be taught online? Is distance study an option chosen for convenience but characterised by compromise? Kathryn Overall explores the surprising dynamics at play. Sarah Chesswas has a super-human gift.

Students Need to Work to Get Their Credit Major

By Nick MorrisonForbes One of the most important things students can learn at college is how to manage a budget. Yet new evidence suggests they have much more work to do to pass their credit major. Many may have only a limited grasp of the fundamentals of how to manage their money.

Game helps those with learning disabilities to stay safe online

A NEW computer game has been created by people with learning disabilities to help keep them safe online. The group, aged 16-40 from Edinburgh and Midlothian, worked with experts at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) in Paisley to develop the game called #keepmesafe.

Edutech and the Online Education Industry

Over the last 20 years we have seen the classroom evolve in very tactile ways. Blackboards became whiteboards to reduce dust in the classroom, pencils became pens as a means to reduce instrument breakage and the need for costly sharpeners, and notebooks became computers because, well, everything became about computers.

Thursday's Trending eLearning Topic: Responsive Design

Do you need to create mobile courses efficiently? Then you'll definitely want to look into Responsive Course Design™ (RCD) in Lectora® authoring tools-if you haven't already. With the Responsive Course Design solution in Lectora, you only have to design once, in the desktop view, and content is automatically sized and positioned for tablet and phone views (in both landscape and portrait).

4 Surprising School Supplies Online Students Might Need

Online students should ensure they stay organized and have a comfortable place to sit and work. It was my first day of online classes. I sat at the computer eager to learn new things. The syllabus called for the usual items: computer, monitor and so forth.

Learning the Skills You Need Online

The Internet is simultaneously the best and worst thing to have happened to contemporary society. Anybody who has been verbally abused during a game of Halo can attest to that. Heck, anybody identifying as female can tell you dozens of horror stories (we all remember Gamer Gate, right?).

Groups seek to become quality reviewers of boot camps, online courses and other noncollege offerings

Interest is building for an alternative type of accreditation for online courses, boot camps, corporate training and other nontraditional education providers. And while that form of quality assurance remains a work in progress, a growing number of organizations are seeking to fill the need.

Online Learning Provides A Key to Student Success

I still have not figured out how to put the textbook under the pillow at night and absorb the information through osmosis. Students must actively study to be successful. It isn't just about passing a quiz, a final exam, or the NREMT exam, but understanding and knowing what all the information means.

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