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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Momenta Learning No. 11 News on Elearning and Online Learning

Welcome to the No. 11 Issue of Momenta Learning News on Elearning and Online Learning.

Learning To Build A Business In 'One Month'

The offices of One Month, Mattan Griffel's startup in SoHo, are the first I've ever seen that have a wine fridge en suite. They also feature a fridge stocked with kombucha, and a pillow adorned with a smiling image of Griffel and his One Month co-founder, Chris Castiglione.

Students favour online technology in 'flipped' classroom models

Kimberley Santos, 15, uses online technology at home to help with her studies. Photo: Kate Geraghty As school kicks off for another year, an increasing number of teachers are ditching traditional teaching models for "flipped" classroom programs, which rely on engagement with online learning content at home.

Obama Pledges $4 Billion to Computer Science in US Schools

President Obama today pledged $4 billion in funding for computer science education in the nation's schools.

Business backs education entrepreneurs to boost maths and science

Consulting firm PwC has chosen 20 technology entrepreneurs to benefit from a new $2.5 million accelerator program designed to discover and support Australia's best new STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education initiatives. The winners of the 21st Century Minds Accelerator programs - which include initiatives to inspire young people to code, to boost science in schools, and to give children confidence in learning maths.

Higher Education Notebook: Wake Forest receives $650,000 grant

Wake Forest receives $650,000 grant

EdTech: Why Digital Is The Future Of Business Education

© Henrik5000 2016 looks set to be a year of further disruption and digitization in the business ed space. Online programs have exploded, prompted by the rise of innovative online learning companies like Coursera or edX and the growing appetite for digital degrees from young managers who are questioning the cost and value of a campus course.

Intel launches My Digital Journey, An Online Learning Platform To Empower Women - Potentash

On the 26th of January, 2016 Intel revealed their contribution to women's empowerment, a digital program called my digital journey, which is part of Intel's she will connect program. The event took place at the Villa Rosa, Kempinski where Intel staff as well as other organizations collaborated to launch the she will connect program.

Online classes provide inferior learning experiences

· For more than a dozen years now, enrollment in online courses has continued to climb. The convenience and relative price of these classes continue to attract more students to online platforms of learning. For certain people, online courses offer needed flexibility and comfort, but these classes are not for everyone.

E-learning: Untangling the web

According to a comparative analysis done by researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, without face-to-face interaction people don't feel as connected to their words or have to deal with emotions in the same way as in classrooms. Nor can professors handle the students' needs.

Corporate learning "out of sync" with how people learn

Corporate learning and development programmes are "wildly out of sync" with how employees learn, according to a new study by benchmarking specialists Towards Maturity. Its report - The Consumer Learner at Work - found that most L&D initiatives were not providing what motivated, consumer-focused learners wanted in order to support career progress.

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